A solution built for employers. By employers.

Healthcare costs are rising. So is the pressure to measure your health management strategy and interventions. There’s no shortage of data and tools for your partners, payers, and providers. But, where do you turn for insights that matter to you, the employer?

Springbuk is built upon an unmatched understanding of the employer. By working alongside 8,000 companies, our Platform is built for today’s health-minded organization.

Simple Reporting.

Queries. Wait times. Binders. Having fun yet? Springbuk delivers real-time information, trends and forecasts so you can focus less on reporting, and more on decisions. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to an easier way.

Broker + Vendor Friendly

Springbuk supports and connects your health management team. It’s never been easier for you to work with your brokers, clinics and wellness vendors. When insights, reports and decisions are in a central place, everyone wins.

From Data to Intelligence

Springbuk moves beyond data warehousing to deliver insights that uncover true opportunities for engagement, interventions and cost reduction in your population.

360º View of Your Population

Springbuk gives you a complete view of the employee, spouse and dependent. With a single view, you can optimize your program, engagement and investment across all members.

Springbuk is used for all health-related decisions. We don’t make any spending decisions without viewing the Platform.

Lisa, Hillenbrand Industries 

Now, we can develop relevant programs based on the specific groups to target, instead of a blanket program we hope will work.

Allison, Human Resources Director at OrthoCarolina

Springbuk data is critical to our strategic health plan, education, premium costs, and plan design.

Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids

Goodwill leverages Springbuk to control costs.

Learn how Springbuk helped stabilize health premiums for the first time in company history.

Case Study

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