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Since 2009, Healthiest Employers® has recognized and celebrated people-first companies who are using innovative strategies to improve the health of their employees. Over 10,000 employers have participated across the country, representing over 60,000,000 employee lives.

As the company that created the Healthiest Employers program, Springbuk has built an uncommon knowledge and understanding of employer healthcare. This front-row seat offers trends, benchmarking and insight into the opportunities to drive meaningful financial and health outcomes.


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The Six Scoring Categories

Leadership Commitment

Culture determines the success (or failure) of today’s worksite wellness programs. And, leadership plays a critical role in affecting an organization’s approach to programming.

Foundational Components

The foundation of your program will determine its overall, long-term strength. Shallow programs can be built quickly, but have difficulty in producing lasting results.

Strategic Planning

Achieving an innovative program begins by developing a mid and long-term strategy. This work will be evidenced in the results of a healthier, more productive workforce.

Communication and Marketing

With a communications and marketing campaign targeted to your workforce, you can turn lackluster perception and participation into ongoing momentum.

Programming and Interventions

Does your program use a carrot or the stick? Effective methods and engagement strategies are often ones that address the self-interest of the employee population.

Reporting and Analytics

Healthy employees are more productive and spend less in healthcare. Understanding the specific needs of your employee population and measuring results is essential.

"Healthiest Employers has been a tremendous resource to our organization. More than an awards program, it brings measurable insight to help us develop, monitor and track outcomes in wellness."

SVP, Human Resource, National Retailer