Smarter Technology for Healthier Decisions

Unlock the Potential of Your Data

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Springbuk turns data into insight.

More than analytics, the platform provides intelligence for employers and consultants who want to maximize the return of value on employee health investments.

Our health data analytics solution transforms health data into actionable recommendations to more strategically design and manage employee benefits – unifying plans, programs, and results across a population. Because in today’s economy, employers can’t afford not to act.

Data Layer

Make Decisions with Speed and Confidence

The Springbuk Intelligence Engine™ consists of tools that give Springbuk the ability to directly consume data allowing us to run multi-source data on-demand with increased flexibility and visibility. Our Intelligence Engine assures that the data our clients view in the Springbuk platform has the integrity to represent the true story of their population’s health.

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Technology Layer

More Intelligent Health Analytics

Springbuk is the leading Health Intelligence platform, pioneering new methodologies that empower better health investment decisions. Our automated insights allow you to focus on what matters and track performance over time. With predictive forecasting, you gain clinical expertise that is paired with the latest in machine learning and AI capabilities.
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Services Layer

Better Insights, Better Support

Our Health Intelligence platform offers simple sophistication. The power and complexity is delivered in an easy to use experience that quickly delivers value. We stand behind our product with people and resources that help ensure your success. Receive expert guidance with strategy, data services, implementation and new product features and releases.
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Featured Resources
Reporting on your population’s health and healthcare spend just got easier. Springbuk’s Report Builder helps turn your data into reports that are easy to read and share.

Innovate and Plan

Turn data into direction. Health Intelligence recommends proactive strategies and projects their results.

Learn and Explore

Built to surface issues and predict their impact. Springbuk’s Insights and forecasting features help HR leaders, benefits teams, and analysts identify trends and predict their future impact.

Measure and Manage

Spend less time getting the information you need and work from a single source of truth. It delivers the visibility employers need to assess performance, monitor costs, and manage programs.
See it in action

Springbuk offers a Health Intelligence platform that empowers employers and consultants to more strategically design, implement, and sustain health management investments.