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It's not just data. It's direction.

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What is Health Intelligence?

A health intelligence platform is designed around what are the problems that exist within your population, that you can actually change within your organization. What we've said is we're going to take this broad ecosystem of users across the world and help identify new ideas, new problems that are specific to you, so that you can jump into the future with solving those problems.

So intelligence is completely different than analytics. And in many ways, you have to see it to believe it. And we love being able to get that opportunity because it truly is real.


Answer Your Questions Instantly

Springbuk Answers™, a curated search, instantly provides intelligent results to your most important business questions. This solution was built to empower you with the information you need at your fingertips so you can be armed with the right information, at the right time, to save money and avoid future risk.


Turn Data Into Direction

Our powerful Springbuk Insights™ solution, powered by data science and thousands of complex algorithms, generates actionable strategies and predicts members at-risk of conditions to more effectively guide disease management resources and risk mitigation strategies.

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Health Intelligence applies the latest technology and data science methodologies to provide deep analytic insights that facilitate data-informed decisions to help employers optimize their employee health benefit investments.

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Dynamic Questions and Answers

With Springbuk, it’s never been easier to make the best decisions for your people and business. Need to quickly know the answer about emergency room visits to evaluate a potential plan design change? Just type your question into the Springbuk Answers™ natural language processing search engine.


Curated Opportunities

Insights empowers you to look ahead and forecast health events. Quickly build focus populations at-risk of conditions, and more effectively guide members to appropriate treatment, disease management resources, and risk mitigation strategies.
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