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What is Health Analytics?

If you think of analytics alone, analytics is like when your child falls on their scooter and you think that they may have broken an arm, and you go in to the doctor and they do an X-ray. That's diagnostic alone.

Without the interpretation, what good is it? If a doctor handed you an X-ray after you took your child in, you'd be quite upset. You would feel like that's absolutely absurd.

But unfortunately, that's what the analytics business has done is they've said, “We can create really interesting charts, really interesting graphs, we can display your information.” But where are they giving you direction on the steps to take next?

That's the difference between health analytics and what we would call health intelligence- leaping forward into the future and saying, “not only here's the problem diagnostically, but here's what you do about it.” Creating actionable information so that you can go make change.

Population Analyzer

Track and Compare Populations

Visualize a metric over time for one or more subsets of a population. Population Analyzer aggregates member-level data from a variety of sources across the platform and surfaces the data in a single interactive card.
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Direct Your Resources Intelligently

Health Intelligence helps consultants and employers quickly identify which conditions and preventive intervention opportunities they wish to address. Leveraging this information, employers can target specific conditions. Create Focus Populations to evaluate the efficacy of these efforts over time.
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Many men's health issues are preventable. Learn how an employer can help their employees prevent or detect conditions early through tailored plans.

plan design modeler

Deliver Plans and Programs Effectively

The Plan Design Modeler allows you to build out plan design scenarios to compare current plans to proposed plans, helping you make efficient comparisons without the time and cost of hiring an actuary.

Health IQ

Measure Population Health

The Health IQ page brings together data different pages including Population, Claims and Gaps in Care so you can compare different segments to the total population.
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