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Spend less time getting the information you need. Springbuk’s data and reporting features help business leaders, HR and benefits teams, and consultants work from a single source of truth.

It extends beyond traditional data warehousing and analytics to help you unlock the potential of your data and maximize the value of your employee health investments. Securely store, aggregate, and report on data from a variety of sources, including medical, prescription, clinical, wellness vendors, biometric data and beyond.

How is Springbuk different from a data warehouse?

One simple question that we get quite frequently is, ‘how are we different than the data warehouse?’ And the way I like to answer this is, a data warehouse, the place you go store stuff- what we've said is that's needed. And we have a very, very sophisticated data warehouse.

We collect every piece of information that we possibly can on the human being that is then relevant to improve the overall health of that individual. And then to lower costs; create the best value.

So if you just want a data warehouse, happy to give that to you. But if you're looking for more sophistication, intelligence- that's what Springbuk was really designed to do, was to latch on to this vast ecosystem of not just our users, but the world's thinking around health care, and to plug that in. We think you need both.


Deliver Accuracy

Timeline allows users to keep track of actions they take to lower spend and improve population health, helping them to visualize the impact of their efforts.
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Report Builder

Putting Data to Work for People

With Springbuk’s Report Builder, reporting on your population’s health and healthcare spend just got easier. When information comes from a single source of truth you can create a report in 10 minutes or less. Quickly create, download, and share reports. Make it your own by adding a cover page and your logo.
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In knowing the increase in mental health prevalence, Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform can identify the trends and opportunities within your population and empower you to manage resources to drive the highest impact.

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Focus Populations

Use Focus Populations to keep track of members in a wellness program or to monitor a group of high-risk individuals over time.

Stop-loss reporting

Manage Costs

Use Stop-Loss reporting to display spend, as well as, primary episode treatment and group forecasted costs, all at the member-level.
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Spend less time getting the information you need, receive the visibility to assess performance, monitor costs, and manage programs.