Employee Health Trends 2024

Discover how Employee Health Trends 2024 can empower employers to make data-driven decisions, control rising healthcare costs, and enhance workforce well-being.

Making data-driven decisions is key for employers looking to curb rising healthcare costs and improve workforce health outcomes. Employee Health Trends 2024 can help provide the framework you need to maximize the impact of your benefits strategy. If you're short on time, we’re making the critical findings easy to digest with a quick, actionable infographic.

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Explore what's inside at a glance:

  • The latest on high-cost claimants fueling a disproportionate share of spend
  • Specialty drug trends increasingly driving per-member per-month (PMPM) costs
  • The substantial financial burden of obesity on employers’ health plans
Short on time but want the scoop on 2024's Employee Health Trends? Check out the video below.