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Turn Data Into Action

Intelligence For Employers

Springbuk is built upon an unmatched understanding of the employer. Our Health Intelligence platform enables you to discover and forecast your health management initiatives and impact. More than data, intelligence empowers you to focus on the right direction and the right measurement.

Focus Where it Matters

Navigate opportunities and meaningfully direct your resources for the highest impact.

A More Intelligent Solution

Receive curated action steps, allowing you to deliver programs that match the needs and opportunities in your population.

Decisions Simplified

With automated insights and direction, spend less time reviewing data and have more energy to make the decisions that matter.
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Turn Data Into Direction

Health Intelligence recommends proactive strategies and projects the results. It delivers the type of curated opportunities that otherwise can go undiscovered within your complex set of data. The predictive forecasting helps you make the best possible decisions — for the business and your people.
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Health Intelligence helps you measure your health management strategy and interventions, delivering programs that matter.