Unlock a Winning Benefits Strategy
with Integrated Analytics

From One-dimensional to Multifaceted: Understanding the Complete Story in Your Benefits Data with Integrated Analytics

Over the years, employers have relied on one-dimensional medical and Rx claims data to inform their benefits decisions.

What if there’s more to the story than Med/Rx data alone can tell you?

Learn how Allstate leverages integrated analytics to add dimension to their benefits strategy. Allstate will discuss how integrating insights from multiple data sources provides a more complete understanding of member experiences and utilization, leading to programs that contain costs and optimize health outcomes.


Tell the Story of Your Health Data with Integrated Analytics

Today’s employers need to access all types of data to inform their benefits strategies. That’s why we’ve woven integrated analytics into our platform.

At its core, integrated analytics is the ability to consolidate data from multiple sources to provide a unified, single view. This can tell a completely different story than just medical and pharmacy claims, ultimately helping employers make smarter decisions.

Discover the six areas Springbuk has identified where integrated analytics can pull together information from multiple sources to help piece together the whole story from your data.


Tactics to Start Applying Data-informing Strategies in Real Life

At its core, social determinants of health (SDoH) are about improving the underlying social and economic conditions within communities to improve the health for all members.

In this on-demand webinar, Tracy Allie, Allstate's Senior Manager, Employee Wellbeing and Time Away Strategy, and Jennifer Jones, Springbuk's Population Health Practice Leader, discuss six key categories where data related to individual and social determinants can be instrumental in designing impactful population health strategies and how you can apply them.