Maximize the Impact of Your Benefits Data with Population Health Data

Springbuk Insights™ goes beyond analyzing claims and wellness data - it generates actionable strategies and predicts at-risk members to more effectively guide disease management, mitigate risks, and optimize resources.

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Prioritize Benefits Strategy Specific to Your Population

Insights organizes opportunities into five unique categories, enabling you to quickly prioritize initiatives specific to your employee population: Risk Mitigation, Care Efficiency, Drug Savings, Steerage Procedures, and Potentially Unnecessary Procedures.

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Pinpoint Target Populations with Prioritized Impact

Easily create employee cohorts from Insights to track populations and prioritize the most impactful opportunities for your clients throughout our platform.

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Addressing Healthcare Utilization Issues with Springbuk

A benefits advising firm uncovered critical healthcare issues in their client's claims data using Springbuk:

  1. Preventive care utilization at only 68%, indicating missed health screenings
  2. Diabetes-related costs 200% above industry benchmarks
  3. 25% of members with both chronic and mental health conditions

The firm leveraged Springbuk Insights™ to:

  • Pinpoint high-risk areas
  • Develop a targeted three-pronged strategy
  • Reengage members and control costs

Discover how they turned data into actionable solutions, improving care compliance and reducing expenses.

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Save Time and Costs with Focused Insights

Understand the most impactful opportunities you can act on today with Springbuk Insights, saving valuable time and containing monthly healthcare spend.

$3 Million
$3 Million

In plan savings Identified in an employee population with 1,200 members with a diabetic gap in care

$1,000+ Variance
$1,000+ Variance

Uncovered in an employer's cost of MRI/CT scans based on Outpatient vs. Office settings

$9 Million
$9 Million

In total savings found across a benefits advising team's book of business