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Turn data into direction. Health Intelligence recommends proactive strategies and projects their results.

It provides curated action steps, allowing you to deliver plans and programs that fit your employees’ needs -- helping you attract and retain top talent while identifying unexpected cost sources and forecasting their impact on the business.

Turn Data Into Direction

Insights empower consultants and employers with the knowledge to understand what to do next to decrease costs, mitigate risk, and avoid future high-cost services. Insights will show you curated content to improve health and care efficiency for your members, focusing on strategies and tools to mitigate risk, decrease cost, and track improvement over time.
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Take Action on Identified Opportunities

Springbuk’s forecasting abilities allow you to prevent disease with data. Our in-house event detection algorithm gives you the information you need to build strategic plans, identify members with diseases sooner, prevent disease, and positively impact your greatest asset: your employees.
Awarded Best Use of AI in Insurance by The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence
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Featured Resources
Through curated strategies, Health Intelligence allows employers and consultants to spend less time laboring through data and more time acting. See how Health Intelligence fits in your organization with these questions to ask and factors to consider.

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Dynamic Questions and Answers

Instantly find answers to common health analytics, finance, and quality questions with ease. See suggested related topics and questions to learn more about an area of interest within seconds, effortlessly. Discover new areas of opportunity.


Curated Opportunities

Select Insights allow you to look ahead and forecast health events. Quickly build focus populations at-risk of conditions, and more effectively guide members to appropriate treatment, disease management resources, and risk mitigation strategies.
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