Breaking Barriers and Simplifying the Healthcare Experience

Imagine you’ve just received a life-changing diagnosis: maybe it’s cancer, maybe it’s ALS. Whatever it is, the last thing you would want to worry about is finding the best specialist or questioning if your prognosis is correct. 

That’s where an Expert Medical Opinion solution can help. Josh Reimer, Director of Channel Partnerships at Included Health, joined us to review many of the challenges of our current healthcare system:

  • Confusion: 50% of individuals struggle to understand their insurance
  • Low engagement: 33% of individuals avoid medical care altogether
  • Lack of access: >16,000 physician offices closed due to COVID
  • High costs: 30% of healthcare spend is considered waste

He then explained how an EMO solution can help break down those barriers to simplify the healthcare experience, delivering access to 4000  of the top clinical specialists and subspecialists nationwide.

Listen to the full conversation.

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