From Furrowed Brow to Peace of Mind: How Jellyvision is Revolutionizing Employee Benefits

In this light-hearted yet informative episode, Chrissy Krampert, Chief Strategy Officer at Jellyvision, shares the fascinating journey of Jellyvision, from its quirky beginnings in educational content and gaming to becoming a leader in healthcare benefits education with ALEX, their flagship product.

She explains how ALEX leverages behavioral science and technology to simplify complex healthcare decisions for employees, turning confusion into clarity. Chrissy highlights how Jellyvision’s tools help employees make smarter healthcare choices, ultimately saving employers significant costs.

"We want to go to where there is furrowed brow and bring it to peace of mind," she says, encapsulating their mission.

The discussion delves into the practical impacts of ALEX, from employees proposing to it during open enrollment to Jellyvision’s strategic use of claims data to offer personalized healthcare advice. Chrissy emphasizes the importance of building trust and engaging employees with humor and simplicity

"People would rather do their taxes while cleaning their bathroom before they'd want to pick a benefits plan."

The episode also covers Jellyvision’s future plans, including their partnership with Springbuk to enhance data-driven decision-making and the integration of AI for more precise recommendations.

"We're able to establish that trust and guide an employee throughout the year to making better decisions," Chrissy notes, showcasing the influence of their innovative solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Behavioral Science: ALEX uses behavioral science to engage employees, helping them understand and utilize their benefits effectively.
  • Cost Savings: ALEX helps employers save on healthcare costs by guiding employees to choose and use the best-fit plans.
  • Personalization: The integration of claims data and AI allows for tailored healthcare guidance, enhancing the employee experience.
  • Engagement and Trust: Jellyvision builds trust through humor, simplicity, and personalized interactions, making healthcare decisions less daunting.

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