What’s the Deal with Telemedicine Through the Pandemic?

In the 2021 Employee Health Trends report, Springbuk discovered the rate of telemedicine services per 1000 plan members had increased 12-fold over the previous year’s data, which was mostly prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Digging deeper into the data, Chris Gagen and the rest of the Springbuk Analytics team found mental health accounted for more than 40 percent of those encounters.

What has happened in the year since then? 

  • Have telemedicine visits overall increased, decreased, or remained relatively constant?
  • What about telemental health services? Has the long two-year grind of the pandemic caused more people to seek care via the internet?
  • Who is using the services most?
  • What’s causing the variance in telemedicine visits among demographic groups?

Those are some of the topics that Chris, Springbuk’s Senior Director of Analytic & Strategic Consulting, explains in this episode.

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