Pollyanna, Unicorn, Eternal Optimist, Visionary Leader

Pollyanna, Unicorn, Eternal Optimist, Visionary Leader - Scott McGohan
OCT 08, 2021

In “Healthcare on the Rocks - Employee Benefits with a Twist,” we talk with employers, benefits advisors, technology innovators, and other experts in wellness, human resources, and healthcare.

Our first guest is Scott McGohan, CEO of McGohan Brabender, one of the largest independent health insurance brokers in the Midwest with offices in Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis. Scott works on vision casting, strategy alignment, and leadership deployment. His professional philosophy is that, as a business leader, it is always about the people. Products are delivered by people, and when people believe in themselves they will believe in you. Scott describes himself as “probably a Pollyanna, maybe a unicorn. Definitely an eternal optimist.” He describes the healthcare industry as “a gigantic, epic battleship, and to turn this thing is hard work,” but he believes that together, we can make a massive change in the evolution of the healthcare industry. Like most advisors, McGohan Brabender was great at looking at reports and seeing what had happened. But they were not content with this mostly retroactive approach. They saw how they could use data to look forward to better guide their clients. Hear Scott describe how people react when they learn he changed careers from his beginnings as a diamond salesman to settling down into a 30+ year career in insurance. And listen as he shares the values that drive him and, by extension, the culture of McGohan Brabender. Finally, discover why people run from Scott on Thursdays - but why others flock to his social media posts on those days.

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