How Insurance Captives Allow Employers to Swim in a Cleaner Pool

How Insurance Captives Allow Employers to Swim in a Cleaner Pool - Jason Nordby
OCT 08, 2021

This episode, we talk with Jason Nordby, who is a senior account executive and partner at M3 Insurance, specializing in employee benefits and coordinating ongoing service for clients to ensure that their coverage meets their needs. Jason is also M3’s director of employee benefits captive practice. In this role, he serves as a subject matter expert, strategist, and thought leader on health captives agency-wide. Jason explains how the healthcare system and the insurance world around it were “broken” as he started his career 27 years ago. He describes what benefits captives are and how they came into their own during the early days of Obamacare. He says the introduction of employee benefits captives was the biggest twist he’s seen in his career. With this innovation, forward-thinking, data-driven employers could pool together with like-minded organizations to create stability for themselves as purchasers of healthcare insurance. Jason explains how captives allow organizations “to exit a dirty risk pool and enter into a cleaner pool” with other groups that are doing similar things to manage and mitigate risk. This affords employers the benefits of being self-funded while gaining access to more data so they can be more strategic. Lastly, we invite you to weigh in on the heated debate about who asked the better questions: Jennifer or Mike.

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