Holistic Wellness Programs for Happy and Fulfilled Workers

In today’s dynamic labor market, it often takes more than a competitive salary and a solid medical plan to attract and retain the best employees. U-Haul, one of the Healthiest 100 employers in the United States, understands that better than most companies.

Monique Harty, U-Haul’s Wellness Program Manager, explains that the 76-year-old do-it-yourself moving company views wellness as a holistic program with five components:

  • Health
  • Mindset
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition    
  • Financial Wellness

U-Haul provides programs and tools to help it’s 32,000 team members manage all five of those pieces. For example, U-Haul offers virtual and on-site counseling, legal advice, registered dietitians, financial planning and a shiny new family and fitness center at the corporate headquarters in Phoenix, which houses an on-site medical and dental clinic, as well as a gamut of live and simulated sports activities.

Listen in to hear Monique tell how wellness is thought about and promoted throughout the organization. Or just listen to hear which activities co-host Mike Pattengale is thinking of joining on his next visit to the U-Haul HQ - and why Monique has the waiver form ready!

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