Being Persuasive Without Being Abrasive

You might know Spencer Smith hosts a popular podcast around self-funded insurance. Or you may have seen his video series on stop-loss insurance, which has become standard curriculum for many people just starting in the industry.

But did you know Spencer loves heavy metal, which many people find shocking? Or that he once dabbled in stand-up comedy, where he occasionally bombed on stage, “which is just brutal to your soul.”

Listen to him describe how he used that feeling of “being vulnerable on stage in front of 200 people and totally sucking” to build his confidence. In this wide-ranging conversation, Spencer encourages those who are struggling with self-confidence to “learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable.” And he explains how one question — Are you a runner or a chaser? — can help you reframe your challenges and turn them into a personal guide to success. Finally, he describes the important lesson he learned from coaching his daughter’s youth soccer team: why you don’t need a shirt that says “Coach.”

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