What’s Driving Employee Benefits Costs and How to Contain Them

“What we've seen in the last 10 to 15 years … is a juggernaut of costs from specialty medicines, usually wonderful medicines with great cures, but that come at a significant cost. … And whereas the split between medical and pharma used to be that we spent some of our time on utilization of pharmacy and prescriptions and generics and mail order versus retail, now specialty medicine is just blowing everything out of the water from a cost perspective.” 

With that, healthcare industry thought leader Dr. Ron Leopold launched into an engaging conversation about macro trends in employee benefits, covering the ever-evolving effects of COVID, the proliferation of point solutions, the major cost drivers for employers, and how those employers should be using data to contain their costs.

“There's a whole lot that we can measure if we're smart and understand this requires both looking at the data and then really thinking through cause and effect,” said Dr. Leopold.

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