Prepping your 2023 benefits plan design?

See how predictive analytics can inform what your population needs today and prepare for what they need tomorrow.

The first step in crafting any top-tier benefits plan is understanding what your employees truly need. Every population is unique, and it’s essential to keep in mind that benefit needs will shift as employees are hired, retire, or take on new opportunities.

Let’s explore how Springbuk does the heavy lifting for you – so you can focus on plan design decisions that will help you make program selections with ease and track metrics that highlight the success of your initiatives.

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    Initiate Plan Design with Data-driven Direction

    When you begin preparing for your renewal season, a good starting point is understanding, “What are my population’s current needs and care gaps?"

    With the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, finding opportunities to improve health outcomes and optimize your plan takes a matter of minutes.

    Powered by data science and thousands of algorithms, Springbuk Insights generates actionable strategies to guide disease management strategies more effectively.

    Insights cards present information to implement strategies to take action and track improvement over time.

    Upon logging into the platform, various Springbuk Insights cards will populate, displaying the different opportunities within your population. These can include:

    - Risk Mitigation
    - Care Efficiency
    - Drug Savings
    - Steerage Procedures
    - Potentially Unnecessary Procedures

    Empowering Your Benefits Moments in Time

    Each year, there are pivotal moments in your benefits calendar that require you to make key decisions that will optimize your health investment. Whether you’re preparing for renewal season or evaluating a plan design change mid-year, Springbuk makes it possible to ensure your healthcare and benefits program decisions are backed and guided by data.

    1. Implement Plan Design Changes: With each plan design change you consider, is data guiding your decision-making?

    2. Program and Vendor Selections: Do you have the data needed to understand which programs will support your workforce?

    3. Measure the Impact of Programs: Which metrics can you use to track program engagement identify opportunities?

    Discover how data can help guide your DEI and SDoH initiatives.

    Integrating social determinant data can further enhance your understanding of subsets of your population, which can ultimately direct your strategy and initiatives.

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    Measuring the Impact of Health and Well-being Programs

    After U-Haul identified 1200 members in their population with a diabetic gap in care , demonstrating an opportunity for $7 million in savings opportunities, through Springbuk Insights, they implemented a new diabetes management program to close compliance gaps.

    In this success story, discover how they leverages the Springbuk platform to understand how the program was impacting their population

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