Turn health data into health intelligence.

Whether you’re an employer looking for measurable ROI, or a broker looking to bolster your toolkit, Springbuk can help. Our leading health analytics software platform provides pinpoint accuracy to improve health, contain costs and measure results.

Because data isn’t enough.

Health and wellbeing programs generate data. From claims to pharmacy to utilization, the information is ever-growing and complex. And, it’s difficult to unify and make critical decisions with confidence. That’s where Springbuk delivers. Our Intelligence Platform simplifies complex sources, to arm you with real-time insights into the health of your population and your wellbeing program.

8,000 employers strong.

Employer health requires more than a dashboard. Our unmatched knowledge of the employer powers every click, feature and insight.

Be a hero, not a data wizard.

Whether you’re an HR leader, or trusted advisor, Springbuk arms you with easy-to-use insights and actions to drive results.

Chase the data, or cut to the chase?

Our implementation team does the heavy (data) lifting for you, so you can focus on putting the insights into action.

Past, Present and Future.

Use Springbuk to evaluate yesterday’s performance, uncover today’s engagement, and forecast tomorrow’s improvements.

Employer achieves $1,242 PEPM reduction with Fitbit program.

See Springbuk’s three-year study on medical claims, biometric and wearable device data.

Case Study

Clinic + Vendor Version

No longer are you limited to historic data or an incomplete view of your employer populations. Now, you can identify current and future diagnosis categories, gaps in care, and cost and spend trends.

Broker Version

Are you a trusted advisor when it counts? Our real-time warehouse and insights enable you to advise on tomorrow, not yesterday. Turn to Springbuk for streamlined reporting and intelligent plan design.

Employer Version

Put our employer expertise to work in your population. With Springbuk, you gain real-time insights, trends and forecasts so you can focus less on reporting, and more on decisions.

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