Unveiling Strategies to Control the Soaring Expenses in Employee Health Benefits

Explore this insightful article by Janet Young, Clinical Analytics Advisor, who explores the mounting challenges of prescription drug costs. With prices on the rise, these costs are putting a strain on corporate budgets and financially impacting employees. This situation demands innovative strategies from HR and benefits leaders to manage the growing expense.

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Key Points

  1. The Growing Challenge: Understand the factors driving up prescription drug prices and the implications for employers and employees alike
  2. Impact on Employee Benefits: How escalating drug costs affect employee access to necessary medications and overall job satisfaction
  3. Strategic Financial Management: Examine the financial strain on corporate health plans and the broader implications for organizational health spending
  4. Innovative Cost-Control Strategies: Recommendations for HR leaders to implement effective benefits strategies that mitigate these rising costs

Read the full article for a detailed exploration of actionable solutions that can help manage and control the burden of prescription drug costs in your organization, ensuring a healthier, more sustainable workplace.

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Meet the Author

Janet Young, M.D.

Clinical Analytics Advisor

With more than 30 years of experience, Janet Young has provided clinical expertise to the development of healthcare analytics used in provider, payer, employer, and government sectors. Previously, Janet served as a Lead Clinical Scientist at IBM Watson Health, guiding clinical content development related to new models, methods, and analytics using claims, EMR, Health Risk Assessment, and socio-demographic data. Janet joined the Data Science and Methods team at Springbuk in Dec. 2019, and has been responsible for clinical oversight of methods and models. Janet received her M.D. from Yale University School of Medicine.

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