Health intelligence is no longer simply a “nice to have” feature. You need to have it, and you need to use one that supports your business goals. It’s not the what; it’s the how. How consultants and brokers leverage health intelligence is what sets them apart from the competition.

Data should drive every decision through the client life cycle. If you can’t diagnose the challenge, plan impactful interventions, measure the impact, and evaluate success with data, you’re just another person with a stagnant data warehouse.

In this BenefitsPRO article, Marcus Kammrath, discusses how you can apply this approach to your selling and planning processes.

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Marcus Kammrath is a passionate channel-growth advocate who has supported the Springbuk team through a variety of roles. Starting in the summer of 2018, Marcus came onto the team as a Business Development Representative. He quickly achieved and surpassed countless quarterly goals, and was promoted to Account Executive in the summer of 2019. In his current role, he leads pipeline growth and leads strategic market development on the west coast.