A More Intelligent Brand

A thought-leadership piece by Kristy Bittles, Director of Creative and Brand
At the start of 2019, our flagship solution, Insights, hit its stride with customers and we were witnessing our vision of preventing disease with data in action. In 2014, when I joined the organization, the idea of preventing disease with data was equally inspiring and daunting.

Signs We Had Outgrown Our Brand
Five years later, I’m sitting in a conference room with goosebumps. Ironically, not from its freezing temperature, but from hearing a coworker discuss how our platform (and amazing support team) helped a client drastically change the trajectory of their employees’ health and wellbeing. We were doing something different, something completely new, and the sophistication of our product and services had evolved dramatically since securing $20M in our Series B.

With 124% partner growth that included some of the most respected consumer brands, it was infuriating to hear a prospect state, “It doesn’t look like you have any experience partnering with companies like us.” Hearing our own brand used against us provided the sense of urgency and inspiration we needed. Updating our website and case studies became a top priority. However, as we dug deeper, it became clear to our team that our problem wasn’t solely our website or case studies. In fact, these were simply symptoms of a larger issue - we had outgrown our brand.

Clarity Out of Obscurity
In February 2019, we embarked on a 6-month partnership with Studio Science, a local design and innovation consultancy to help us take a well-timed pause and evaluate where we were, gain some clarity, and a new direction forward. For us, this had to start with first defining the category of Health Intelligence.

With over 10 innovative feature releases in under two years, our product had expanded beyond Health Analytics. Our marketing collateral and messaging did not reflect this and we were significantly under positioning ourselves and losing opportunities. An update to our brand seemed to be the natural next step, matching our product offering with the rising demand for actionable data and insights to lower healthcare costs and improve population health.

Studio Science reviewed our existing collateral and conducted multiple internal and customer interviews to further understand the Springbuk vision, industry, and competition. It was important that this process was driven by data and that we did not let our own biases or perceptions hold us back. Some of the core foundations discovered during this discovery process would not have come to light if we approached this on our own.

Research and Insight
Our research uncovered that we were over-indexing on cost management and accessibility of reliable information as the big problem our customers are trying to solve. We needed to balance our value story to better align with the bigger picture, that the most valuable investment to our customers was their people - aligning more closely with our vision.

We leaned into our findings to develop our brand messaging framework and defined archetype that would inform our visual concept. During these exercises, Sage was identified as the Springbuk Archetype. Identifying a brand archetype is a great process to create connections on a more human level. The archetype acts a filter for brand behaviors and focuses the brand creatively, it defines an ownable tone that creates emotional associations and reinforces internal values and external vision.

The goal of a Sage is to help the world gain wisdom and insight, and is viewed as a knowledgeable trusted source of information and intelligence. The focus of a Sage is to help people better understand the world and provide practical information, and analysis. When reviewing the Sage archetype it seemed as if it was developed specifically for Springbuk - a perfect match.

The culmination of this work compiled a more realistic vision of the Springbuk we were becoming and aspired to be. This direction enabled our creative team to build a robust library of sales collateral, tied to our sales process, providing the tools and support our team needs to confidently (and consistently) win in the market. This supported our new website that more accurately portrayed the sophistication and innovation of our Springbuk Health Intelligence Platform and team.

I am continually motivated and inspired by the work and dedication this team puts forward. I am so proud of what we have accomplished and inspired by the work we have ahead of us. Springbuk is an organization fueled by growth and innovation. Our brand, team, and product are not finished evolving and never will be. I'm confident there are many more goosebump-inducing stories in the future as we continue to live out our vision to prevent disease with data.

Nick Guerrisi, Sr. Graphic Designer
Leslie Swinney
, Graphic Designer
Nicole Frankowski
, Content Marketing Specialist

Kristy Bittles, Director of Creative and Brand
Jonathan Gandolf
, Director of Marketing
Phil Daniels, Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer