Leveraging Data to Drive Your Employee Benefits

Where Data Collection Has Been — And Where It’s Going

A data warehouse gives you access to your data but doesn’t actually solve problems. We’ve built a software layer that serves as a healthy mix of CMO, data scientist, and actuary.” - Rod Reasen, Springbuk CEO

In an episode of Willis Towers Waston's podcast, Cure for the Common Co., Rod sat down with Steve Blumenfield and Thi Montalvo to discuss the possibilities for HR to leverage predictive analytics to drive data-driven decisions you make about your employee benefits and wellbeing programs.

America's employers sit upon stockpiles of health data that hold the key to improving benefits strategies and health outcomes.

By itself, this data means nothing. Legacy data warehouse solutions that have been the primary tools to help visualize data don't go far enough to deliver the actionable strategies needed to improve employees’ health. Now, it's time for actionable health intelligence.