Disrupting Healthcare and Preventing Disease with Data

Apr. 21, 2021

Healthcare is one of an employer’s largest expenses.

Yet when it comes to making decisions about that investment — on overall strategy, plan design, or interventions and wellness programs — benefits leaders and consultants rarely have any actionable data to guide them or help them measure impact.

In this podcast episode, Rod Reasen, Springbuk CEO, sits down with Jared Graybeal of The Business and Leadership Podcast to discuss how Springbuk provides simple-to-use platform tools that quickly identify the clinical and financial outcomes of point solutions; allowing timely and data-driven decisions to align with the employer’s population dynamics.

America's employers sit upon stockpiles of health data that hold the key to improving benefits strategies and health outcomes.

By itself, this data means nothing. Legacy data warehouse solutions that have been the primary tools to help visualize data don't go far enough to deliver the actionable strategies needed to improve employees’ health. Now, it's time for actionable health intelligence.