Wrap-up: The Health Intelligence Tour

Four events. Three cities. One mission.

During the month of April, the Springbuk team took our Health Intelligence platform on the road to introduce a new way of thinking about data warehousing and analytics.

After the past four years, working with over 2,500 employers, we’ve detected a common theme: Data analytics is no longer enough. We know that today’s employer plays a unique role in the lives of their employees. Their influence goes beyond the hours spent in the office as they aim to help their employees be happy, healthy, and engaged in all facets of their lives. And in an effort to do so, too often employers have purchased big, clunky data warehouses and analytic tools that require too much training and waste too much time.

With today’s technology, so many of our everyday tools operate under sophisticated backends but provide simple results to basic everyday questions. And yet we asked ourselves: With this advanced technology, why is it so hard to get the answers needed in healthcare analytics?

We realized this question we kept asking ourselves, others were asking too. So we decided to take matters into our own hands. Our team compiled decades of financial, plan design, and clinical knowledge and married modern computer science to provide a platform that delivers what employers have been searching for – Intelligence. Actually actionable Health Intelligence.

With the answer to a question we knew burdened so many employers, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. So we embarked on a three-city, one virtual stop, tour across the country to encourage employers and brokers to challenge what they know about healthcare analytics and data warehousing. Because in order to achieve true intelligence, we have to go above and beyond old school data warehouses.

We know data can be messy, especially when it comes to healthcare data. So first and foremost, when building our platform, we focused on accuracy. Instant insight into your data is great, but if the underlying information is wrong, chances are you’ll be sent back to the drawing board. That’s why the Springbuk platform has been crafted as an agile, secure, and scalable place for your data to call home. And we wanted employers and brokers to see first hand that when your data is safe, that’s when the magic begins.

With direction that comes from a single source of truth, patterns in your employees’ data start to emerge. And with Health Intelligence, employers and brokers are equipped with more opportunities than ever to save money and avoid risk in their health populations. Over the course of our tour they’ve seen that with the right platform, you don’t have to be a data wizard to maximize the investment you’ve made in your health management system.

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