Health Intelligence Heroes

A Q&A with Courtney Schwagler at Advanced Benefits

Advanced Benefits Hero Program QA

Bending the healthcare benefits cost curve is Courtney’s primary focus at Advanced Benefits.

As a Registered Dietitian, her viewpoint mixes clinical and practical applications. The clinical aspect includes data analytics, identifying a company’s gaps in care, and actionable opportunities for savings. She then balances this with the practicality of what works for the client’s current or evolving company culture. She helps lead employee education and launches wellness initiatives for happier, healthier, and more engaged members.

Recently, Brian Foreman, Client Success Team Lead, sat down with Courtney to highlight her story and share her successes.

Throughout their conversation, Brian and Courtney discuss:

  • How Springbuk Health Intelligence has shaped the way Courtney has driven innovation throughout her organization
  • Her approach leveraging data to respond in real-time
  • Some of the highlights of Courtney's career