Three takeaways from the Health Intelligence Tour.

Win Together is more than a core value at Springbuk. It’s a way of doing business.

Springbuk partnered with Gibson Insurance and Tom Emerick of Edison Healthcare to show the value, and winning, that happens when all stakeholders in a health ecosystem work from a single source of truth — the Springbuk Health Intelligence platform. To celebrate winning from the same scoreboard, these three innovators came together to host a Health Intelligence Tour event at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Emerick, former VP of Global Benefit Design at Wal-Mart and current President of Edison Healthcare, was joined on stage by Phil Daniels, Springbuk Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer, as well as Wes Mantooth, Principal at Gibson, for a fireside chat to discuss the power of intelligent, actionable data with the audience. Below are three, of many, takeaways during the conversation:

What is Quality?

If you ask 100 people to define quality, you’ll get 200 different answers.” - Tom Emerick

While the entire healthcare ecosystem is striving to more objectively define quality, Emerick boiled it down to these simple criteria:

Quality is receiving the correct diagnosis.
Edison Healthcare is fighting against widespread misdiagnosis. This ranges from misdiagnosed cancers to unnecessary procedures (back surgeries for instance only have the intended result about 50% of the time).

Edison Healthcare estimates misdiagnosing cancers happens about 30% of the time.

Quality means you don’t do surgery if you don’t have to.
Edison Healthcare encourages patients to seek second opinions and receive treatment from the top 4% of providers in the country. This avoids misdiagnosis and unsuccessful treatment plans.

Quality means if you do surgery, do it well.
This is why Emerick encourages the audience to only seek out treatment at the best providers available. Edison Healthcare partners with the top 4% of providers across the country.

And finally, quality means if you can’t afford it, it’s not a good option.
Procedures that cause an unfair financial burden for patients should be avoided at all costs.

Data is the ‘What’ and the ‘Why’

Access to reliable data is enabling personalization — personalization in education, communication, and ultimately, treatment.

Mantooth shared that Gibson’s ability to tap into technology is impacting their what, why, and how. Health Intelligence provides the what and the why empowering his team to bring other technology solutions into the conversation to more accurately impact the how. And with Health Intelligence, it’s happening as close to real-time as ever.

The Virtuous Productivity Loop

Through Edison Healthcare, 40-50% of patients receive revisions in their treatment plans. Employers need to be able to inform their members when they have preference sensitive conditions that will benefit from second opinions. In many cases, the speakers agreed this should be mandatory.

Technology like Springbuk Insights makes this more possible than ever. Insights quickly identifies and categorizes those conditions that are considered “preference sensitive.”

It’s important that patients are not misdiagnosed and only receive care from the top providers possible. This process will eventually eliminate providers who are guilty of providing misdiagnoses or poor quality in treatment. This will create a virtuous productivity loop, eliminating poor providers, that will positively impact the entire healthcare ecosystem.

This Health Intelligence Tour stop highlighted the power in bringing stakeholders into the same technology platform. Equally important, it showed the power of bringing the stakeholders together for conversation. With guests ranging from technology solutions, consultants, providers, carriers, and more, the conversation moved the entire community forward.

Data for data’s sake is simply a commodity. Health Intelligence creates community. It creates healthier businesses, healthier partnerships, and healthier individuals.

Springbuk offers a Health Intelligence platform that empowers employers and consultants to build a smart, unified system to strategically design, implement, and sustain health management investments.