Springbuk Spotlight

Jan. 26, 2021
Hear from Justin Kowaleski, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Springbuk

Early in my career, I had the opportunity to dive into the healthcare industry as a hospital department manager. While I didn’t anticipate it at the time, this position would ignite my life-long passion for health care and finding solutions to help employers improve their employees’ lives.

With a front-row seat early on in my career, I worked hand-in-hand with my staff, processing billing, managing daily operations, educating my employees on benefits, and acting as a liaison between third-party vendors all with the goal of helping our patients. I saw the inner workings of what went on under the hood in healthcare and healthcare benefits. So when the opportunity presented itself, I shifted my focus to digital health solutions.

I began to dive into the complexity of helping employers understand their employees, what they needed, and how intelligent solutions could add hours back into their day and improve their employees' overall health. I started to play an investigator’s role - trying to tie all the bits and pieces of digital health solutions and benefits data together.

I quickly realized, when you’re at the forefront of a new solution, you can’t beat the door down with a sledgehammer. You have to be surgical. That’s what got me really excited about this fact of healthcare - it takes disruption to make a major change and have a true impact in this space. To do this, you need to have meaningful, actionable data. Using information to strategize, see the bigger picture, figure out how products solve problems and fit into an employer's ecosystem is what I became passionate about.

When you can show an employer how all of the data they’ve been sitting on can guide the important decisions they make, that’s how we change the healthcare industry as we know it. That’s how we actually use data to improve health outcomes for an employer’s most valuable resource – their people.

So it was no surprise when Springbuk and their mission to prevent disease with data caught my eye. For years, I have worked with employers and their consultants to unify and synthesize their employee health data to guide each decision they made. With Springbuk, it’s never been easier to accomplish this. Their Health Intelligence platform simplifies data-driven decision-making with an intuitive user experience and curated action steps. With Springbuk, it’s not just data, it’s direction.

Health Intelligence helps employers unlock their data’s potential by providing day-one value and direction on the most actionable cost savings opportunities. At the core of the Springbuk platform is the curation of timely insights from the latest data science methodologies and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. The team focuses on building solutions that will adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of an employer’s workforce.

Last week, when sitting in a one-on-one meeting with Penny Moore, Chief Commercial Officer, it struck me: the culmination of my 20 years in healthcare has gotten me to this point. Every task, position, and conversation with an employer built my data-driven mind. I am thrilled to be joining Springbuk as the Vice President of Enterprise Sales and to be a part of a passionate team that is bringing a dream of preventing disease with data to life.

Our team is dedicated to winning together, with our clients, strategic partners, and employees. And we have fun while we’re doing it.

If you’re up for the challenge, we want to meet you. View our job listings below and let us know why you’d be a great fit with the Springbuk team.