Health Intelligence Heroes

A Q&A with Richard Silberstein, Managing Partner at SIG

Springbuk SIG QA Hero
Nov. 10, 2020

Richard founded SIG in 1999 to offer personalized, innovative, and cost-effective employee benefit solutions that meet the unique insurance needs of each of the firm’s clients.

Under Richard’s strategic direction, and with a team of highly-skilled, licensed brokers and support staff, SIG serves more than 400 corporate clients in 45 states. Additionally, Richard is a founding member of Alera Group, a firm that was formed in 2017 with 23 other like-minded, high-performing independent firms across the United States.

Recently, Brian Foreman, Client Success Team Lead, sat down with Richard to highlight his story and share his successes.

Throughout their conversation, Brian and Richard discuss:

  • How Springbuk Health Intelligence has shaped the way Richard has driven innovation throughout SIG
  • Different ways in which Richard and his team have used data to respond to COVID-19 in real-time
  • The biggest accomplishment of Richard's career
  • How SIG leverages Health Intelligence to prevent disease with data in their client groups

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