Questions and Answers™

With Chief Product Officer, Jeremy Leventhal

Recently, Springbuk released our powerful, new solution, Answers™, a curated search that equips benefits leaders with the answers to their most pressing business questions.

Answers will help organizations and consultants save time by quickly finding the facts needed to personalize their strategies without wasting time or needing a team of data scientists.

To dive deeper into Answers, how it will help our users, and what’s coming next, we sat down with our Chief Product Officer, Jeremy Leventhal. Jeremy has been a key player in the development of Answers and is no stranger to leading high-growth product teams. He has a Masters in Health Informatics and has spent the last 16 years building products and product teams. Throughout his career, Jeremy has launched and scaled multiple product divisions, initiated strategic partnerships, and has overseen technical and UX design consultation. In 2016, Jeremy brought his health IT expertise to Springbuk where he leads Product, Data Science, and Project Management with a core focus of aligning product innovation through the voice of the customer in a new market category.

How would you describe Answers™ ?

JL: Answers is an experience that simplifies how we navigate population health analytics and curate health intelligence. We’ve built a product that enables our customers to ask questions and instantly receive answers, while also being presented with relevant and context- related content.

How will this solution help our customers?

JL: The time our customers spend analyzing and preparing data is top of mind for our team. Answers will provide the fastest question and answer experience in the market, ensuring our customers are making the best use of their limited and valuable time. Additionally, they can dive deeper into context-related questions they may have about their data through our related questions feature. This empowers them to spend less time finding problems and more time solving problems.

What are you most excited about for this product launch?

JL: Answers is the first product of its kind in our field. It brings a unique, and simple user experience that blends machine learning and subject matter expertise. I’m probably most excited for our customers to get their hands on this, as they will be able to do their jobs faster and provide value to their clients in a way like never before.

What was the biggest challenge/opportunity you see Answers solving for your customers?

JL: The biggest opportunity for customers will be the ability to quickly answer their most important questions, leading to faster time to value.

Are there plans to continue building on Answers? And, will more questions be added over time?

JL: Absolutely yes, and yes. Through a combination of our subject matter experts, data science, and the power of the crowd, our users will have a robust library of questions to choose from.

Answers is the latest Health Intelligence product, how does it compliment the Health Intelligence platform?

JL: Insights and Answers paired together will quickly provide you with the information you need to know and the steps you need to take action. We are continuing to integrate Insights and Answers to provide our users with a seamless user experience that allows them to take advantage of both products.

What is the vision for how a customer would use Answers in their day-to-day?
JL: I hope our customers can make Answers their go-to place to understand everything they need to know about their population's health and benefits. That can be anything from a quick question to a deeper trail of questions, providing our users with fast, accurate content that ultimately leads to decisions that reduce cost and improve the health of their employees.

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