Questions and Answers™

With Vice President of Product, Amy Brown

Recently, Springbuk released our powerful, new solution, Answers™, a curated search that instantly answers key business questions related to healthcare benefits, underlying cost drivers, and metrics for informing actionable strategies.

To dive deeper into Answers, how it will help our users, and what’s coming next, we sat down with our Vice President of Product, Amy Brown. Amy spent almost a decade at Truven Health Analytics as a consulting manager and healthcare research scientist, where she was a founding member of the Emerging Analytics group, dedicated to expanding and developing new analytic methodologies. In 2017, Amy brought her expertise in problem-solving and applied analytics to Springbuk. Amy has spearheaded the Springbuk Health Intelligence platform enhancements in disease forecasting, custom insights, and business application through her passion for helping people.

How would you describe Answers™ ?

AB: Answers is an intelligent search that empowers our customers to find the information they need quickly and easily to address their most pressing business questions.

How will this product help our customers?
AB: Answers helps our customers by streamlining a process that has historically been labor-intensive, tedious, and time-consuming. Clients often spend hours, even days, with countless spreadsheets, trying to get an answer to a business question such as, “What is the average paid amount for knee surgery?” Answers generates that information in a matter of seconds.

What are you most excited about for this product launch?

AB: Answers is a very unique product in our market. It incorporates modern technology and curation in ways that we have grown accustomed to in other facets of our lives like consumer shopping; however, historically health analytics products have not incorporated this approach. The norm has been less intuitive interfaces that require manual work to derive answers to business questions. Answers turns all those norms upside down and focuses on what we think users will understand and appreciate. We do all the heavy lifting and empower our partners with the information they need quickly and easily.

What was the biggest challenge/opportunity you see Answers solving for your customers?
AB: Healthcare data is messy, confusing, and complicated. It takes specialized skills to understand the intricacies of claims data to measure, define, and run queries correctly. Our clients often have minimal time to get the answers they need, and it’s one of many items on their to-do list. It’s often difficult to even know what the right questions are to have answered. With vetted methodologies from seasoned experts, in combination with curated modern technology, Answers provides a streamlined and elegant solution so our partners can get the information they need and make informed decisions.

Are there plans to continue building on Answers? And, will more questions be added over time?

AB: Yes, we have many more questions that we plan to add. Springbuk follows the agile method of product development, so we are continuously improving in terms of content as well as functionality. We are interested in hearing from our users and welcome any ideas or constructive feedback. Based on our use of modern technology and continuous innovation, we are quick to respond quickly to customer needs.

Answers is the latest Health Intelligence solution, how does it compliment Insights?
AB: Answers and Insights™ are each impactful in their own right, but the power is amplified when used together. Insights focuses on actionable opportunities, while Answers arms our customer with supporting metrics to help make an informed decision. For example, a client might discover within Insights those members that are rising risk for future surgeries that may be preference-sensitive, then navigate to Answers to determine what those surgeries might cost based on historical data.

What is the vision for how a customer would use Answers in their day-to-day?
AB: Answers is an ideal solution for customers to use daily to track key metrics – whether it’s ER visits, admissions, overall spend, rates of surgeries, and many other questions. It can be used in advance of a client meeting or live during a meeting. The beauty of Answers is that information is available and ready for a wide array of questions that a client may want to answer spontaneously. Answers ensures our partners are ready with the information they need for the population overall, or any specific cohort of interest (with the application of the filter bar in Answers). The inherent flexibility, curation, and use of modern technology assures a streamlined and intuitive user experience. This will allow them to focus on solving the most important problems.

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