Springbuk Answers + Benchmarking

When Springbuk Answers™ went to market in 2020, benefits leaders were given access to a tool that empowered them to search their healthcare data, find the answer they were looking for, as well as point them to questions they didn’t even know they should be asking.

When we initially launched Answers, there were 100 questions available. As of today, there are nearly 350 that clients can search in the platform. Every solution we build is with the employer in mind, and with Answers, the ability to quickly receive answers to complicated questions is a significant productivity boost. It enables users of all skill levels to explore and discover trends that are not possible in traditional business intelligence or data warehousing tools.

We are giving the user the freedom of autonomy, doing so much more on their own, and being independent. We've done all the heavy lifting for our customers, so they don't have to worry about being a data expert. We've got that covered.” - Amy Brown, VP of Product

Understanding the Behaviors of Your Population

As we continued to iterate on this solution, our product team thought, “What if there were benchmarks built into Answers that would allow users to understand how their population compares against large, national data sets?”

Enter: IBM MarketScan Benchmarks

While Answers already provides a guided, curated search that predicts what answers you will need at your fingertips to drive results, the MarketScan integration in Answers enhances that experience by adding a national comparison in several high-value questions, including:

  1. What is the average length of stay for an admission?

  2. What is the rate of admissions per 1000 members?

  3. What is the total spend per member per year?

  4. What is the med spend per member per year?

  5. What is the Rx spend per member per year?

  6. What is the total spend per employee per year?

  7. What is the med spend per employee per year?

  8. What is the Rx spend per employee per year?

As users work within Answers and land on a question with MarketScan benchmarks available, they will see a dropdown next to the Benchmark checkbox, allowing them to select Springbuk or MarketScan. This dataset includes roughly 14 million commercial members from over 500 companies representing 25 pre-determined industry categories.

Make the Best Decision Possible – For the Business and Your People

This type of information can be crucial when determining priorities for strategies and solutions to mitigate risk and cost. Answers ensures that users are armed with the information they need for the population overall or any specific cohort of interest. The flexibility, curation, and use of the latest natural language processing technology assures a streamlined and intuitive user experience. With Answers in their benefits tool belt, users can focus on solving the most important problem, and ultimately, improving the health outcomes of their employees.