Springbuk Resource Round-up

By Penny Moore, Chief Commercial Officer at Springbuk

Jan. 7, 2021

Health benefits data has always been foundational to what we do at Springbuk. Since the beginning, our focus has been on equipping our partner benefit advisors and employer clients with intuitive access to actionable insights necessary to make data-driven decisions to improve population health and drive cost savings.

In 2020, we saw first-hand that our clients can benefit from leveraging their employees' healthcare data now more than ever. We’ve worked to create resources that cut through the noise and deliver the insight employers need to spot micro-trends within their population to guide benefits plans for the years to come.

COVID-19 Tests

Throughout the pandemic, the various types of COVID-19 tests have prompted questions and caused some confusion about which test is appropriate for an individual under various circumstances. Janet Young, MD, Lead Clinical Scientist, and Amy Brown, Vice President of Product, discuss:

  • The different types of tests available

  • How to determine the right test for you

  • What results from a COVID-19 test truly means

Springbuk Covid Testing Feature 1
The State of Telemedicine

Amidst all the unimaginable chaos COVID-19 created for millions of Americans, it presented us with an opportunity to change healthcare as we know it.

Telemedicine is a key component of this opportunity that can offer a cost-effective solution or alternative to in-person visits for low acuity conditions or those not requiring physical contact. Since the onset of the pandemic (March 1, 2020), across Springbuk’s aggregate data from more than 3,500 employers, total telemedicine visits increased by over 3,800%; this equated to a 1,100% increase in the number of claimants with a telemedicine claim.

Jennifer Jones, Sr. Director of Health Strategy, recently discussed how COVID-19 has accelerated these digital services’ adoption, including:

  • Shifts in telemedicine utilization throughout the pandemic

  • What this could mean for healthcare moving forward

  • How digital solutions could change the trajectory of healthcare costs

Health Intelligence Hero Q&A with Richard Silberstein

The Springbuk Health Intelligence Hero program highlights and connects leaders who are implementing innovative solutions to improve their members’ lives. We sat down with Richard Silberstein, 2020 Hero class member, to discuss:

  • How Springbuk Health Intelligence has shaped the way Richard has driven innovation throughout SIG

  • Different ways in which Richard and his team have used data to respond to COVID-19 in real-time

  • How SIG leverages Health Intelligence to prevent disease with data in their client groups

TLNT Article: Is Your Mission Still Meaningful?

As we come into our “new normal” and old ways of working, socializing, and taking care of ourselves are disrupted, you have an opportunity — a responsibility — to ensure your mission is effective and impactful. In this article, Rod Reasen, Springbuk CEO, discusses:

  • Questions to ask when re-focusing your mission

  • The importance of thinking long-term about your organization’s greatest opportunity

  • Where your organization can best deliver as you adapt your mission

For additional guidance on refocusing your mission, our Ebook, “Opportunity Amidst Chaos: Why Mission Matters,” outlines questions to ask and areas to make the necessary adjustments to thrive in this new economic era.

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Penny Moore, Chief Commercial Officer

Penny Moore brings over 25 years of healthcare experience in working with self-funded employers through executive roles with United Healthcare, Aetna. She's also lead growth strategies for early to mid-stage companies focused on improving population health through digital technology.