Springbuk Report Builder: Smarter Technology for Healthier Decisions

Reporting on healthcare data is difficult. You’re not alone – many employers and consultants spend too much time creating reports. There are too many options. Between screenshots of various sources, and the inability to comment, creating a report requires too much time and effort.

Innovate + Plan:

Reporting on your population’s health and healthcare spend just got easier. When your information comes from a single source of truth you can create a custom report in less than 10 minutes. Springbuk Report Builder helps turn your data into reports that are easy to read and share.

Springbuk Report Builder empowers you to:

  • Quickly apply the same report to different populations or different time periods without having to screenshot or duplicate work.
  • Show visually appealing and informative reports in every client or leadership meeting, or simply take a quick pulse on your health plan regularly.
  • Quickly create, download and share your report to answer client questions such as, “Why do our drugs cost so much?” or “What’s going on with my diabetic population and where can I make the biggest impact?”
  • Add a custom cover page, changing the primary color, and adding your own logo.

Ready to see how Springbuk Report Builder can put data to work for you and your people? Request a personalized walkthrough today.