Why I Joined Springbuk

Hear from Springbuk’s Chief Commercial Officer, Penny Moore

May 19, 2020
Early in my career, I had the opportunity to extend my clinical pharmacy degree to the business side of healthcare by working for a company that drastically altered the market by delivering high-tech services, previously only for hospitalized patients, into the patient’s home.

I was struck by the cost savings, but mostly by the improved quality of care that we could deliver. This ignited my life-long passion for innovation in population health and slowing the progression of chronic disease.

I have been privileged to interact with innovative employee benefits leaders who were committed to designing and implementing cost-effective programs that improve the health of their employees. Most recently, I have had the opportunity to be at the forefront of digital health evolution. The ubiquity and ease of digital applications, combined with evidence-based clinical science, have provided employers with a plethora of distinct point solutions designed to improve health outcomes for specific populations diagnosed with a variety of chronic conditions.

So it was not surprising when Springbuk captured my attention with its mission of “Preventing Disease with Data.” The emergence of digital health provides data points beyond diagnoses, procedure codes, and pharmacy utilization. Today’s digital tools leverage modern data applications to empower individuals with chronic conditions to sustain behavioral changes that slow the progression of their disease. These digital interventions are contributing to the amount of available healthcare data.

Since 2016, healthcare data availability has increased by 878%. Employers know their employee benefits programs generate a wealth of data, all in disparate locations and formats. The challenge is how to integrate this data into a single source of truth, and then glean insights from the data that pinpoint the population’s potential risk and proactive measures to intervene before healthcare encounters occur.

For over a decade, I have watched employers invest in data warehouses that put all of their benefits program data into one place. Then further invest in data scientists to draw any real insights or relevant, reliable conclusions. A time-consuming, expensive process to glean a retrospective look at what was happening with healthcare consumption within the population.

Springbuk empowers employee benefits executives with Health Intelligence from their multi-sourced data, providing the power of data science right on their desktop. The Springbuk Health Intelligence platform enables a proactive approach to drive an immediate impact on healthcare utilization and quality of care. Powered by clinical expertise, advanced machine learning, and AI capabilities, the Springbuk Health Intelligence platform is genuinely designed to prevent disease with data.

With the Springbuk Event Detection Algorithm™, employers can identify individuals at risk sooner, and more effectively guide them to appropriate treatment, condition management resources, and risk mitigation strategies. Springbuk Answers™ addresses complex, difficult to answer questions by leveraging Health Intelligence through a curated search of an employer’s data with benchmark comparisons. Answers will instantly provide intelligent results to your most important business questions, empowering the employer to drive action and results.

I am honored and thrilled to begin this new journey with Springbuk, as Chief Commercial Officer. I am joining a passionate, intelligent team with a tremendous founding vision for preventing disease through the democratization of health data.

Life at Springbuk

Our team is energetic, innovative, and committed to doing the right thing for our clients and strategic partners. And we have fun while we're doing it.