Make Confident Benefits Vendor Selections with Data

July 30, 2021

A Springbuk Client Success Story

A long-time client of a consulting firm had historically not engaged a wellness program vendor in their benefits strategy. The team had been actively working with the client’s Health and Wellness Committee to justify the cost for the vendor but lacked the data sets needed to receive buy-in.

In this client success story, learn how the firm worked with Springbuk to:

  • Build a custom risk factor analysis that included metrics around gaps in care for their client
  • Provide the client’s Health and Wellness Committee the information needed to bring on a wellness vendor
  • Implement a wellness vendor, begin building a 3-year wellness strategy, and track impact
Download the Client Success Story

One of the questions we get is, “How do we provide direction within the platform?” Much like every time you're engaging with some social media platform or some consumer retail platform and they begin to learn your search behaviors, we use that same type of paradigm within our platform. Springbuk Insights™ was built to enrich the information. Not just visualize it, but to actively go and find opportunities.