Leverage Health Intelligence to Make the Right Decisions

A Client Success Story

Sept. 18, 2020

HM Employee Benefits and Risk Management, a midwest consulting firm, had historically relied on raw data files and static reporting to draw descriptive conclusions for clients.

While the raw files allowed them to summarize the data into relevant information – understanding where the data came from and providing specific data points to answer the client’s questions was more challenging.

With the belief that understanding the data is the best way to give their clients strong strategic guidance, HM wanted to transition to a more intelligent solution. They went through an exhaustive process to find a health analytics solution – however, what they found created more value than basic claims analytics. They found Springbuk, a trusted partner in Health Intelligence.

Share Meaningful Insights That Improve Population Health

In this client success story, discover how Springbuk equipped HM with the insight and direction to:

  • Help save their client’s plan money and influence healthier employee outcomes
  • Drive conversations with clients through actionable insights in an easy-to-digest format that isn’t overwhelming
  • Proactively identify clients’ opportunities and help keep them from making the wrong plan changes
HM Case Study Springbuk