Uncover Hidden Location Cost Variants to Optimize Spend

July 30, 2021

A Springbuk Client Success Story

A consulting firm began working with a school district that was curious if the firm could uncover any cost-saving opportunities their previous broker hadn’t surfaced. Within minutes of logging into Springbuk, the firm’s analytics team identified a variance in MRI/CT scans’ cost based on Outpatient vs. Office setting.

In this client success story, learn how the firm worked with actionable direction from Springbuk to:

  • Present their client with a member rewards program that was available through their carrier
  • Work with the client’s union to require members to explore various providers for MRIs/CT scans
  • Identify metrics to track in Springbuk Timeline to gauge the program's impact
Download the Client Success Story

Springbuk Timeline™ - see and tell the story of what drives the greatest impact on your population’s health.

With Springbuk Timeline™, you can easily:

  • Monitor program success across multiple metrics, including
    • Medical and Rx cost

    • Compliance rates of preventive and chronic care

    • Utilization of ER, inpatient, outpatient, pharmacy, and imaging services

  • Isolate cohorts of employees engaged in your programs and compare them over time

  • Associate positive health outcomes with the plan design changes you’ve made