Quickly Uncover Rx Cost Savings Opportunities

July 30, 2021

Springbuk Client Success Story

When an employer client came to a consulting firm, frustrated with their growing monthly spend on prescriptions, the team began working through a Pharmacy Benefits Manager’s (PBM) Low Clinical Value list to identify low clinical value drugs and their cost, the alternative drug, and the cost of the alternative drug.

After identifying a list of prescriptions to remove, the client went to their carrier to update the items included in their plan’s formulary.

In this client success story, learn how the firm leveraged the data and curated direction in Springbuk to:

  • Identify a PBM with significant cost-saving opportunities
  • Guide their client through plan options and carve out their prescription Rx spend
  • Select metrics to track in Springbuk Timeline to understand the carve out's impact
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How can you use Springbuk Answers and Insights to save on prescription drug costs?

When we initially launched Springbuk Insights™, our clients were so excited that we could so easily identify the biggest areas of opportunity. What we heard almost right away was that this was so valuable, but they wanted additional supporting information to help drive that decision.

For example, if you're interested in learning more about brand name drug use and whether there are opportunities for steering to generic alternatives, you might start out in Springbuk Answers™, our curated search, to understand the overall rates of brand drug use, and which ones are at the top of your list for your group.

Then you might go over to Insights to discover which ones have generic alternatives readily available so you can figure out potential savings and particular groups you might want to create incentives for a program.