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Cambia Health Solutions

2019 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America


Cambia is a total health solutions company that is deeply rooted in a 102-year legacy of transforming the industry and the way people experience healthcare. We’re committed to delivering a seamless, personalized healthcare experience for the next 100 years to come. We are a family of over 20 companies headquartered in Portland, Oregon, empowering more than 70 million Americans nationwide.


Portland, Oregon




Mark Stimpson, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

“By meeting our employees where they are in their lives, we are better able to transform healthcare experiences for consumers nationwide, and that’s exciting.”


Wellness Program Highlights

There are many statistics that Cambia looks at when it comes to demonstrating the success of a program. Years ago, all of us had to demonstrate a positive ROI or we were not given funds. Thankfully, Cambia was able to show a positive ROI with our wellness programs, but that return on investment doesn’t solely define our success. Another area that points to a successful program, is that we have over 90% engagement with our WellPower program.. From an HR perspective, we are hearing more and more from our prospective candidates that they are wanting to become employees because of our wellness programs.

Most Proud of ...

We are most proud of our employees for sticking togethers on this journey to transform health. Wellness is not something we can do to employees nor can we do it for them. We must all come together and support one another, provide honest feedback, and simply show up. Each of us, part of something much bigger than any one individual. We are transforming ourselves, and also transforming healthcare in the process. We are proud that our wellness program is contributing to and enriching the lives of our employees. Together, we have garnered the trust of our employees and the communities in which we live and work.
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Mark Stimpson

“Cambia’s commitment to wellness has been a 16-year journey. Along this road, we’ve learned that we can make the greatest impact on consumer healthcare experiences if we support our employees in their overall well-being. We’ve journeyed this road together much like a family, growing together as an organization from the inside out, and ensuring our remote workforce and on-site employees are empowered with innovative programs that address the needs of each employee in every aspect: physical, mental, financial, and emotional. By meeting our employees where they are in their lives, we are better able to transform healthcare experiences for consumers nationwide, and that’s exciting.”
Mark Stimpson PIC
Manager, Wellness Programs

Amy Walloch

“We have been dedicated to employee health for more than a decade, instituting a comprehensive approach to our wellness program that runs the gamut, from on-site staffed fitness centers to financial health and an outcomes-based incentive initiatives. We know that workplace wellness requires creating a culture of health—a top-to-bottom approach that changes behavior, measures more than numbers, and drives a positive value on investment. At the end of the day, I'm most excited about the fact that we have created a culture where trust and respect are demonstrated daily. As a leader in the HR organization, I'm proud to put the "human" in human resources.”
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