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City of Acworth

2019 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America


Acworth is located in the northwest corner of Cobb County, approximately 30 miles northwest of Atlanta. The City of Acworth was incorporated in 1860 and operates under the board-manager form of government.


Acworth, Georgia




Tommy Allegood, Mayor

"The sense of pride that comes from our organization’s program is not one of statistics, but one of a cultural change of how our employees approach their own health."


Wellness Program Highlights

Our program is data-driven and results show that sick days have reduced and doctor visits have been minimized. As a result of the program, we have seen lower healthcare costs (we received a 4% wellness discount at renewal time with Humana), fewer emergency room visits, and engaged employee’s health care cost are lower.

Most Proud of ...

Our wellness program is embedded in everything we do. Our leaders have shared their wellness vision which includes how wellness is defined, why it is important, and how employees can participate in wellness initiatives. They serve as role models by participating in the wellness programs and by adopting a healthy lifestyle. They support aligning cultural touchpoints which are formal and informal policies and procedures such as rewards, communication, and training with wellness. They monitor and celebrate success, which allows individual and group level wellness goals to be set and so that progress can be recognized.

Tommy Allegood

“The city’s wellness program has been a journey that began with no clear end. Along the way, a more professional and strategic approach has been taken to allow for the collective body of the organization to gain success through the feats of individuals. The collective nature of individuals who made a concerted effort to prioritize their own health has inspired and garnered the support of the entire community. The sense of pride that comes from our organization’s program is not one of statistics, but one of a cultural change of how our employees approach their own health. The overall well-being of individuals (mind, body, soul) collectively makes a known destination and the wellness program provides the roadmap on how to arrive!”
Mayor Tommy Allegood Headshot
Human Resources Director

Rachelle Ballard

“Wellness is seen as a cohesive entity, seamless with workplace safety, benefits, human resources, and other infrastructure elements. We have dedicated budgets and administrative staff that not only help develop the wellness program employees are interested in, but we also enable employees to participate without feeling like they are having to choose between doing their jobs and living a healthy lifestyle. We have happy and healthy employees who enjoy coming to work!”
Ballard Rachelle
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