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CNO Financial Group

2019 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America


CNO provides health insurance, life insurance, and retirement solutions through our insurance brands: Bankers Life, Colonial Penn, and Washington National. As we focus on helping our customers enjoy a healthy and secure financial future, CNO also commits to the well-being of our associates. We recognize that personal health improves engagement, productivity, and customer service.


Carmel, Indiana




Yvonne Franzese, Chief Human Resources Officer

“We’re proud to offer corporate wellness programs that provide associates with a variety of flexible options to improve their health and well-being.”


Wellness Program Highlights

By investing in our associates' health and well-being, CNO Financial has successfully contained healthcare costs well below market trends which has positively impacted CNO's bottom line. However, when looking at the success of our well-being program, we are focused on how our programs and resources impact the lives of our associates and their families. Not only do we evaluate population health data to identify initiatives that will produce the greatest opportunity for health and cost improvement, but annually we gain feedback from our associates through a well-being survey. 91% of associates feel CNO's well-being program is helping them live their best. 96% feel supported by their manager to engage in well-being at work. 95% feel supported to pursue healthy activities at work. 94% feel well educated on well-being programs. 90% visited one of our three onsite clinics. 72% completed their annual physical and biometrics. 84% engaged in at least 1 well-being program in 2018.

Most Proud of ...

Well-being is an important part of CNO Financial’s culture and we are very proud of the program that we’ve created for our associates and their families. CNO’s program continues to grow and expand. Over the years, our program has morphed into a well-being program, where we focus on the whole person. We now address all pillars of health and well-being within program offerings. We continue to be recognized as a top well-being program nationally. In 2018, CNO was recognized for five different local and national awards. This recognition has been key for our recruitment and retention of employees. We have been able to implement new and unique programs with leadership support. Their willingness and excitement shows that what we are doing matters and impacts the business.
Chief Executive Officer

Gary Bhojwani

“We are proud to be a five-time honoree and be once again recognized for our commitment to employee health and our exceptional corporate wellness programming. By partnering with our associates and their families to improve their well-being, we strengthen the financial health of our company.”
Bhojwani May 2017 Color Rev
Chief Human Resources Officer

Yvonne Franzese

“As we continue to expand and implement programs in the years ahead, we are unwavering in our dedication to creating a culture of health. We’re proud to offer corporate wellness programs that provide associates with a variety of flexible options to improve their health and well-being.”
Yvonne Franzese high res
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