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Eugene Water & Electric Board

2019 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America


Founded in 1911, Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) is Oregon's largest public utility and includes generation facilities on the McKenzie River. EWEB is committed to providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity and water to its broad commercial and residential customer base. EWEB’s 500 employees serve approximately 200,000 customers within a 236 square mile service territory.


Eugene, Oregon




Lena Kostopulos, Chief Human Resources Officer

“EWEB is a great place to work and the wellness program also provides another clue to prospective employees about the kind of employer EWEB is and that this a place they should want to be a part of.”


Wellness Program Highlights

This year’s indicators suggest an even greater number of employees accessing the program. Prior to launch, EWEB had low utilization rates for preventative medical, dental, and EAP services. EAP access, wellness and healthy habits trainings, and individual counseling sessions are up 65%, with preventative medical utilization rates now representing 38% of all health plan utilization. EWEB recognizes that higher utilization rates may impact premiums, but the investment in preventative utilization is a cost that EWEB will happily pay. On the safety front, EWEB maintains a very low incidence of workplace accidents, averaging only 18 OSHA reportable injuries over a 3-year period. Time loss was also well below the 3-year average, which is remarkable considering a workforce of nearly 500 coupled with the dangerous nature of electric and water utility work.

Most Proud of ...

We are proud of the positive reception the program has received and the results it has delivered so far. Perhaps most gratifying is the fact that employees have so actively engaged in the program’s evolving design. Initially, there were aspects of program processes which were somewhat cumbersome and there were problems with administrative record-keeping. In spite of this, employees patiently stuck with us while we addressed their concerns and helped improve these aspects of the program with their feedback and creative suggestions. It was clear that employees were consciously considering the connection of safety, health, and wellness in all aspects of their daily lives. This active participation is evidence that safety, health, and wellness programming is a critical element of employee engagement, making working at EWEB a richer experience for all.
General Manager

Frank Lawson

“Physical and psychological safety, health, and wellness, with an emphasis on being proactive, are core values that we demonstrate every day. Everyone in the organization is expected to reinforce these values.”
Chief Human Resources Officer

Lena Kostopulos

“I’m very pleased that employees have responded so positively to our wellness program and with the results it has delivered so far. I think EWEB’s commitment to health and our openness to employee suggestions communicates that we are genuinely invested in enabling employee health and well-being. EWEB is a great place to work and the wellness program also provides another clue to prospective employees about the kind of employer EWEB is and that this a place they should want to be a part of.”
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