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GE Appliances, a Haier company

2019 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America


Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, GE Appliances also operates manufacturing facilities in Decatur, Alabama and has wholly-owned subsidiaries in LaFayette, Georgia, and Selmer, Tennessee. In 2016, Haier Group acquired GE Appliances. Being a part of this large global organization provides GE Appliances with additional resources to continue to innovate and sell our products internationally.


Louisville, Kentucky




Rick Hasselbeck, Chief Commercial Officer

“We're a family here. If you tell your GE Appliances family what you’re trying to accomplish in health, your colleagues are going to help you achieve that goal."


Wellness Program Highlights

WellWithin, our well-being initiative, connects employees to a broad set of resources to support individual and collective journeys of health, including the provisioning of full-service primary care at our worksite. Employees managed by GE Applicance’s onsite primary care practice demonstrated better outcomes than those managed by community provider. For example, last year, our Rx spend for employees cared for onsite was 50% less than that of employees cared for in the community. We’ve also seen 15% more of our diabetic population manage their blood sugar control through our onsite at GE Appliances compared to community providers.

Most Proud of ...

We are most proud of the impact and adoption of WellWithin from top leadership, as well as our broader employee populations around the globe. Our leaders understand that business success depends on happy, well employees. Three top executives agreed to share their personal stories during the busiest time of year, fully realizing that leader modeling is a huge influencer for driving change. One leader talked about emotional health, one focused on nutrition, and one discussed physical fitness. In addition to leadership, each site has taken the foundational concepts and strategies of WellWithin and transformed the messages to fit their culture.
Chief Commercial Officer

Rick Hasselbeck

“We're a family here. If you tell your GE Appliances family what you’re trying to accomplish in health, your colleagues are going to help you achieve that goal. If an employee would like to eat more healthy, get a workout in at work, or see our onsite mental health provider to talk about stress management, our teams rally around one another to support and enable these goals. Our purpose is to enable happiness and well-being in every home, so it starts with us. Commit to something. The better you feel, the better you’re going to be as a team member.”
Rick Hasselbeck
Executive Director, Global Medical

Dr. Diana Han

“WellWithin is more than a program at GE Appliances. It embodies who we truly are as a company. We want to make life better by investing in the happiness and wellbeing of our employees and our broader communities. We’ve shed a one-size-fits-all approach in favor of customizing health and well-being to create relevance at each of our 14 global sites. WellWithin is for every employee – from the employee who decided today was the first day to take the stairs to the person who just ran a marathon.”
Diana Han
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