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2019 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America


Celebrating our 50th year, SmartPractice has been a trusted partner in building and maintaining successful healthcare practices. From the products we offer to the facilities we call home - you'll find wellness in every corner of our business.


Phoenix, Arizona


Healthcare Business Services


Michelle Shaw, Vice President of Human Resources

“The most exciting part of our success is that the employees are engaged with our mission. We are making visible changes in the lives of our families.”


Wellness Program Highlights

A completion rate of nearly 99% for annual preventive exams best tells the success of our wellness program over the last 12 months. In the last few years, we have focused much of our employee communication on the importance of preventive care and the annual preventive exam. We structured some of our program incentives around encouraging exam completion, and last year we even made the preventive exam a requirement to receive the company HSA contribution. It is no coincidence that with our strong wellness program and focus on preventive care, we saw a decrease in medical claims. In fact, our claims data was improved so much that the renewal rate from our insurance carrier went down 8% this year.

Most Proud of ...

We are most proud that our wellness program is not just a “program.” It is truly a part of our culture and how we define ourselves as an organization. We have consistent support from senior management, allowing us to grow and nurture SmartPractice Wellness to be relevant with our employee population. We have high participation in our events, amazing compliance with preventive care, and our bottom line is consistently impacted by positive results. The council of employees who lead and organize year after year are engaged and look forward to new ideas and tasks as if it was their second full-time job. We have community partners and vendors who bring new ideas and support us with their time and energy. It is almost as if wellness here has become its own living and breathing team member. That said, just like any individual wellness journey, if you put in the hard work, the results will follow. Years of cultivating a wellness culture have harvested excellent results for SmartPractice.
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Curt Hamann

“Being and staying well has become an important strategic priority in our corporate culture. Broad participation by stakeholders creates an atmosphere which encourages consistent choices to healthy living.”
Vice President of Human Resources

Michelle Shaw

“The most exciting part of our success is that the employees are engaged with our mission. We are making visible changes in the lives of our families. Our efforts are to keep those who are chronically ill compliant and moving toward healthy with small educated steps, as well as keeping those who are healthy focused on a continued journey. We can make a difference and move that needle!”
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