No. 41

The Resource Center

2019 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America


The Resource Center (TRC) is a leading provider in Western New York for health, mental health, and employment for individuals with disabilities and other socioeconomic disadvantages.


Jamestown, New York


Not for Profit


Heather C. Brown, Assistant Executive Director, Program Operations

"TRC's wellness team is an amazing group of individuals who lead the agency's wellness initiatives every day. They engage staff in positive ways to achieve results."


Wellness Program Highlights

Despite transitioning to a different biometric vendor within the last 12 months, 50% of employees maintained compliance in meeting personal health goals. In addition to improved health, this equates to reduced health insurance premiums for these individuals.

Most Proud of ...

The STARS Wellness Program is thrilled to have received recognition for our wellness initiatives from a local to national level. We strive to make improvements on a continual basis. It is very meaningful to witness the increased involvement and engagement among staff who credit the program for having a positive impact on our work environment. Healthy employees are happy employees!
Assistant Executive Director, Program Operations

Heather C. Brown

"TRC's wellness team is an amazing group of individuals who lead the agency's wellness initiatives every day. They engage staff in positive ways to achieve results. They take the time to develop individual plans and always go the extra mile. We are most proud of how STARS focuses on the whole person and family, not just physical health but all social determinants of health and wellness.”
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Human Resources Administrator

Tyler Case

"As HR Administrator and a past member of STARS wellness, I have a unique perspective at the organizational and employee level. Specifically, this program serves as a dedicated in-house effort to improve the well-being of the agency as a whole, by investing in the individual needs and aspirations of a workforce who is ultimately responsible for ‘making a difference in people's lives’ within the local community. This opportunity has encouraged me to reflect upon and develop my personal and professional goals, which has enabled me to establish a plan that supports meaningful and tangible progress. This formula promotes a ripple effect of success throughout the agency, which is experienced by the customers, families, advocates, and community alike."
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