Actionable Employee Health Trends for 2020

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Jan. 23, 2020

Employee Health: Key to a Better Employee Experience

Employee health and your entire benefits program are critical to the employee experience and essential for improving the quality of life for your employees and equipping them to do great work for your organization.

Intelligent Insight

Critical Intelligence on Mental Health, Chronic Conditions, and Opioid Abuse

In order to improve your employees' retention and overall experience, you need to maximize your investment in employee health management. In this Intelligence Report, see how staying up on the latest employee health trends can help you identify areas to optimize spend and maximize your plans to improve health outcomes.

Average monthly costs for a member with a mental health condition is 2x that of a member without.
Springbuk Employee 2020 Health Trends

Intelligence Report

Download this report to learn more about trends from 2019, how you compare, and what you should be prepared for in 2020.
Putting Data to Work

Springbuk offers a Health Intelligence platform that empowers employers and consultants to build a smart, unified system to strategically design, implement, and sustain health management investments.