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Curated insights for actionable opportunities.

With the power of Springbuk Insights™, you are able to direct your time and resources to your most meaningful opportunities by understanding what you can act on today.

Insights goes beyond analyzing health and wellness data; it generates actionable strategies and predicts members at-risk of conditions to more effectively guide disease management resources and risk mitigation strategies.

Focused Insights: Leverage Health Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Insights features five unique categories to quickly organize your opportunities:

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Care Efficiency
  • Drug Savings
  • Steerage Procedures
  • Potentially Unnecessary Procedures.
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Insights has uncovered billions of dollars in savings opportunities across 3,000 employers on the Springbuk Health Intelligence platform.


In total savings opportunities for members with a chronic condition


In savings opportunities for avoidable ER visits


In drug savings that could be realized next year

With the power of Insights, benefits leaders are equipped with the resources to:

  • Quickly identify opportunities and understand where you can have the greatest impact
  • Easily create focus populations and track identified populations throughout the platform
  • Use the filter bar to take your recommendations a step further by identifying insights for specific cohorts
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